Broom Head Recovering

Why throw away your old broom heads when you can send them to us and we'll make them good as new! Save costs and reduce waste.



- Almost any type of broom head.     

- Any type of fabric.

- Many colours to choose from.          

- A firm foam is replaced on all broom heads.

- New recoverable plastic heads used on some models. Initial extra charges apply.      




- Replace all damaged screw inserts.

- Replace disintegrating foam.

- Alterations to brownie heads.

- New screws if required.


- Starting at $10.00 per head.

- Paid return shipping when certain conditions met.    

- Two (2) business days turnaround time.


Consignment Broom Heads

- Multiple colours available.

- Multiple fabrics available.

- Heads come priced and labelled.

- No cost to curling club.

- $11 plus blank head when sold.


Electronic Stopwatch & Retriever

Classic looking multi-function watch featuring:

- Start-Stop Time

- Real time pocket watch

- Alarm clock with snooze.        

- Day, month & date displays

- External Start-Stop controls for more accurate timing.     

- Clear extra large readable digits

- Polished all metal stopwatch (no plastic)

- 3V lithium battery

- Retractable steel stopwatch holder

- Super durable stainless cable (no nylon)

- Clips to either belt or belt loop

- All you need in a stopwatch to perform at your best.    

- Items also sold separately

- $49.95 + shipping

Button Measuring Device

- Universal measuring device from 1 inch to 6 feet

- No need to trot out club measuring device for draws to the button.

- Hangs on wall for easy access.

- Comes with velcro backing for any surface.

- $19.95 + shipping.


- Heads or tails spinners.

- Painted to club colours  if desired. (Must supply colour swatches.)

- Available in custom sizes (2 examples shown)

- Solid pine, stained and sealed.

- $49.95 + shipping.

Broom Lock-up

- Broom lock-up for personal brooms.             

-Locks at top, secured at bottom.     

- Stained or painted.  (Must supply colour swatches).        

- Bracket to easily hang on any wall.

- $32 per ft. + shipping. 


Stabilizer Broom Heads

- Any colour broom head for stabilizer      

- Comes with all parts and template 

- Some installation required         

- $32.95+shipping

Broom Handle Stabilizer

- Great for the doubles player who uses a stabilizer. Broom and stabilizer combined.   

-  Fastest stabilizer on the market with no drag

- Comes with stainless steel slider

- Acrylic base attached to broom handle

- Broom head to clean rock and ice

- Broom handle length and height to your


- Comes in either white or black

- New recovered broom head

- With stainless steel slider  $149.95 +shipping


Hogs & Ends!

  • Loose or floppy head? Get in touch and we'll send you an insert to tighten your head. (Postage applies).
  • Consignment pro shop broom heads available upon request.
  • Need something for your curling club or a curling-related item? Try me!
  • Fabric only available.
  • Our work is guaranteed, so if you're not satisfied for any reason we'll do our best to make it right.
  • We strive to deliver the very best possible service.


  • All of our products are customized to your needs.
  • Contact us to place an order.

Contact us today! 

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